Did you know that more than a million people are expected to die in Ethiopia over the next few years due to lack of drinking water? Most people don’t, but Now that you do the call for action should be loud and clear. These precious people desperately need our help!

WWF, working with the Ethiopian Ministry of Water, Ministry of Energy, and other water and energy professionals, has found a solution. WWF has successfully undertaken a major study to locate new water sources in Ethiopia. And the incredible news is, WE FOUND WATER!

Using the most advanced hydrogeological methods to detect these sources, WWF has discovered (10) fields of freshwater sources in a largely uninhabited area of hundreds of square miles in northeast Ethiopia. With the help of our partners World Water & Solar Technologies located in Princeton, New Jersey, we are able to use their proprietary solar – driven water pumping and purification well systems. By using these systems, when installed, will furnish the water needs of 250K people for 20 years… and that’s just to start!

Our goal is to find water for 1.2 million people and we fully expect to find more areas in the country for drilling and pumping sufficient quantities of water to save hundreds of thousands more lives.

Here’s where we need your help:
WWF, together with World Water Solar Technologies and the Ethiopian Government ministries, is planning to begin installing these well systems immediately. The cost to save 250,000 people’s lives, is only $900,000. That is literally only $3.60 per person!

Fortunately, for many of us we can afford to give much more. Our point here is, together we can all make a difference! If we all take part and see this as a global responsibility to help those who can’t help themselves, then finances shouldn’t hold us back. Every dollar counts and will literally help save lives. Time is of the essence!

Can we count on you to make a difference in the lives of these people by donating today?

Opportunities to take part in installing the wells will be posted soon. If you are interested, please email us at