The WorldWater Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to providing clean water to those who need it most. We were created to make a difference in people’s lives through the simple act of providing them with clean water solutions.

It’s hard to believe that there are millions of people today who do not have access to clean water. Since water is essential to life, unfortunately, those who need it most can’t afford to get clean water, if any water at all. Instead, they are forced to drink dirty or polluted water because of their circumstances, which causes sickness, and far too often, death.

Seeing this issue for what it is, a global crisis, the WorldWater Foundation has set out to help find a solution. Our strategy to meet the need is literally changing the lives of those we are serving and will serve.

Our global approach is to first, identify those who do not have access to clean water. Secondly, create national and international water campaigns which provide water purification and solar well pump solutions through our partnership with WorldWater & Solar Technologies. Together, and with the generous support of our Foundation’s donors, we provide a solution that can purify water of all its toxins and even desalinize seawater.

Our mission is simple - we provide clean water solutions to those who need it most. Our belief is also simple -every man, woman, and child, regardless of life circumstances or location, should have access to clean water.

Water is life. To have the ability to give the gift of water is a great blessing and great responsibility. It is a core conviction of the WorldWater Foundation. To have the ability to give water, and not give it, would be a great injustice.

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Christy Spencer
Executive Director & Co-Founder, Mentor