Success Stories





The Locke family runs a high-end cotton operation in the fertile San Joaquin Valley.

The installation was completed in December, 2002. The 38 kW PV array generates an average of 179 kWh of electricity per day, which can either be used in combination with the electric grid or, in the event of a grid outage, can power the irrigation pump to ensure ad3eqauate irrigation on hot, dry days.


An excellent system that has exceeded all our expectations. I would build it again in a minute.

Gary Martin, D.T. Locke Ranch Owner/Manager

The VariMax™ is performing fabulously! Today, the grid went down…the array was automatically redirected to the VariMax™ and the irrigation pump ran powered strictly by the sun.

Mari Locke Martin

"The Locke’s VariMax™ system supplies power to run a 50 hP irrigation pump and a 10 hP well pump. It is also tied to the electrical supply for the shop and main residence"

— WorldWater Solar & Technologies




"WorldWater has been active in Haiti for several years, including before and after the January 2010 earthquake. Currently, there are five Mobile MaxPure™ solar powered water purification systems operating in the island nation of Haiti"

Immediately following the earthquake in January 2010, these 2 predeployed systems were immediately put in to action, providing the first source of reliable clean water and power in the city if Port au Prince. The drinking water was distributed by the many Red Cross and Red Crescent teams operating in Haiti in the weeks and months after the earthquake.

In addition to these Mobile MaxPure systems, the City of Rahway, NJ and United Water (and its parent, Suez Environment) shipped another Mobile MaxPure™ to Haiti in order to bring some measure of relief to the Haitian people after the earthquake.

We are pleased to join with the City of Rahway in this undertaking to add to our own efforts of supplying immediate clean drinking water to the Haitian people. Their need demands all of the resources we can supply.

Robert Iacullo, President, United Water.

Since then, other non-profit organizations have sent Mobile MaxPure systems to Haiti to help combat cholera, provide water for drinking and agriculture, and provide sustainable power to help with development and reconstruction efforts.

The transportation of goods is made nearly impossible and most water sources are polluted during these types of disasters. The Mobile MaxPure designs overcome these obstacles by being multi-modal, modular and self-powered.




As a precursor to the Mobile Max™ systems currently supplied by WorldWater, our staff traveled to the village of Ronda in the Philippines to design and install a solar powered water pumping system.

In addition to the use of solar power and pumping controller, the Ronda project also utilized a simple cost recovery mechanism villagers used to pay for their clean water. This was a pre-paid card distributed by the municipal government to residents allowing each person to pay for their water by the liter. The result was that villagers paid less for water than they had been previously, their water was assured to be clean, and the municipality was able to use the revenue to pay off the loans for the project and build infrastructure.

The partnership and technology that was developed, with the help of WorldWater staff, produced a win-win-win situation for all involved.

This system was designed specifically for the wells available, and used solar power to provide the energy to the pump using our patented pump controller technology.

WorldWater Solar & Technologies

I do see this product as an important intermediate measure that if used correctly can have a significant impact in the provision of drinking water to tens of thousands (of people).

Douglas Young Smith
Senior Reconstruction Governance Specialist